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Mobile Home Movers In Tennessee

There is a lot that comes along with purchasing a mobile home. This type of home is known for its affordability, which makes it easier for those on a budget to become homeowners. While the purchase price can be lower than that of a traditional home, one should also consider the costs and efforts involved with moving a mobile home.

One of the ways to simplify the moving process is to contact a professional mobile home moving service right from the start. Hiring a professional means that the job will get done the right way. An experienced professional can also help speed up the entire process, and end up saving the mobile homeowner a lot of money and headache in the end.

Reasons To Choose Us as Your Professional Mover

While there are many mobile home movers out there, we put safety first. Our company is licensed, insured, and experienced. We know how to safely move mobile homes, and will get your house delivered with care.

Our customers are number one. We guarantee our services and aim for high customer satisfaction. We also keep our services affordable for our customers without sacrificing on service or quality. We stand behind our services and offer honest quality workmanship

The Three Steps Involved

There are three steps to moving a mobile home. It doesn’t matter the style or the age of the mobile home. These steps would be the disconnect process, transportation and installation in the new location.

Mobile Home Moving Permiting

Many people are unaware that a lot of work goes into transporting a mobile home. There can be a stack of paperwork and red tape involved, and there may be certain permits that will be required. On top of the legal paperwork, the home will also need to be inspected before it can be moved. Without an experienced professional, people may not realize that this needs to be done before moving the mobile home.

When getting price quotes from moving companies, make sure that they include the fees for permits and inspections. Some companies will quote one price, and then later the homeowner will find out that they owe for permit fees and the inspection. Skip the costly surprise, and choose a moving company that will quote the complete and total cost upfront

Disconnecting The Home

Once the permits have been granted, it’s time to start planning for the big move. The moving company will remove the deck, the skirting, and any steps that sit around the home. Any utilities that are hooked up will need to be disconnected, as the home cannot be moved while hooked up to water, sewage, the electric pole, and so on. If the home is a double-wide mobile home, it will need to be taken apart.

Transporting The Mobile Home

Once the home has been disconnected, it can then be transported to its new location. When choosing a mobile home transport company, be sure to choose one with a lot of experience, as this can be a dangerous and complicated experience. A homeowner should never try to move their home on their own, as this can be a recipe for disaster.

A pilot car will be required for this step, as will heavy equipment. Equipment needed may include a crane and a toter. A professional will know exactly which heavy equipment they need to do the job and will have access to it. The home will need to be secured to the back of a specialized truck so that it doesn’t fly off during transport. This step is where a lot of the moving costs will come in, as the distance the home has to be moved will help determine the total cost. The farther they drive, the more the moving company will need to charge.

Installing The Mobile Home

After the home is transported to its new location, it’s time to start with the installation process. A professional moving and mobile home installation company will make sure that the new location is ready for the home. These can mean everything from making sure the ground is level to checking the weather forecast for the day of the move.

Some moving companies do not offer set up service, so making sure to hire a company that can both move the home and set it up is important. Otherwise, a person would have to hire two different companies to get their home moved and ready. The company hired needs to offer services like leveling and drainage services so that they can get the site ready for the home set up

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Choosing a Mobile Home Foundation

When choosing a foundation for a mobile home, there are several different options available. Some owners choose to go with a traditional concrete foundation. Other homeowners choose dirt foundations, and some choose peer foundations. It’s important to note that many counties and states have their own regulations in place in regards to the foundation for mobile homes. An experienced moving and set up company can help the homeowner make sure that they are following local regulations.

With a single wide home, the home can typically be placed directly on top of the foundation. When it comes to double-wide mobile homes, there is a lot involved in placing the multiple pieces together perfectly. This is why it is so important to choose an experienced mover, as no one wants their mobile home placed together slightly off.

Hooking Up The Utilities

Once the home is properly set on the foundation, it’s time to hook up the utilities. This step means that the home is getting closer to being ready for the homeowners to move in. After the recently moved home has been inspected, the utilities can be hooked up to the home.

This step also requires a trained professional, as hooking up the utilities wrong can be dangerous and expensive. The professional will hook up the water, sewage, and so on. After that step, the home skirting can be put back on. One of the last steps is placing the deck on the home and steps the steps up.  Skirting installation is typically the last thing done and really makes the home installation look complete.